Honey in a honeycomb

Do you remember the old days, at your grandmothers house and the fragrances of fresh honeycombs from which honey oozed?

That magical flavor of honey in a honeycomb returns us into childhood and provides a special pleasure to our taste buds. Honey in a honeycomb is exceptionally valuable because the remains of propolis and pollen grains that are found on the honeycomb completely affect our immune system. In addition, it is an immensely fine delicacy that can be served as a dessert at any time of the day.

OPG Željko Grobotek offers you first-class honeycombs covered with acacia honey from the spacious acreage of Croatian Zagorje at the foot of the Ivanščica mountain.

Honey in a honeycomb - Medicinal properties:

The healing properties of honey in a honeycomb are hidden in the remains of small particles of propolis and pollen grains that remain on the honeycombs. Chewing a honeycomb with honey in it helps with mouth cavities , inflammation of the gums, tonsils and sinuses. It helps to speed up wound healing in the oral cavity and reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria. Additionally, it is well known that acacia honey has a beneficial effect on respiratory diseases and acute chronic cough problems.

Also, by chewing honey in a honeycomb we consume vitamin A which is rich in wax. Vitamin A is needed to preserve good vision, enhances resistance to infectious diseases and is indispensable for a normal immune response. The honeycomb also contributes to the disinfection of the oral cavity, to the cleaning of teeth, and to reducing the appearance of caries. Due to all of these characteristics and the different process of production, the honey in a honeycomb is very appreciated and therefore has a higher price
Medicinal properties: