Hrvatsko Zagorje, District of Hraščina, Village Jarek, the hill below Ivanščica is where we and our bees are.

The crowing has begun, it's time to get up because a new business day has started. An alarm clock isn`t required. It`s still quiet outside, but a faint hum from the waking bees can be heard. As long as it´s like that, things are good. They`re ventilating air with their wings. At the same time excess watter is evaporating from the nectar that the bees have brought throughout the day from flowers that will come in handy during the winter.


In our life, we often have a breakthrough moment that can end well. This happened to me 32 years ago. My friend Franjo Tomašković was a bee-keeper who fell in love with bees.

He told me, "You have such a good farm, and you have no bees." And that was it. I drove a bicycle to Peščeno to his bee farm and we started to create a great story. Franjo had a weak heart, and I was full of energy, also a thriving will and enthusiasm for bees

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